Health Help Now app

Health Help Now (HHN) is an app and web site aimed at the residents of Richmond which will help you find the right treatment, local health services and links to health advice.

Health Help Now for Richmond allows the user to select their symptoms and gives a rough guidance on whether to see their GP, go to their chemist, or seek urgent medical attention.

It also allows you to store your frequently used phone numbers, appointment times and in the near future will be used to help you book appointments with your GP surgery.

It lists common symptoms and offers locations for treatment, based on your location and the time of day, with the one that works best for most people listed first, it is full mapped.

It also lists local services and shows when they are open or closed, their location and directions, plus details of useful websites and helplines for a variety of problems.

We have encouraged patients to use this programme as a means of identifying the most appropriate service to use when they are unwell or unsure of what to do. Through advertisements on buses, at practices, and on local radio, we have promoted this service to be used as a filtering system; for patients to seek the most pertinent source of care where possible.

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How to get the app

You can download it from the Richmond Health Help Now website

Download the app